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– He can play the piano. – Sanha is friends with The Boyz‘s Eric & Sunwoo, AB6IX‘s Daehwi and Golden Child‘s Bomin. Sanha get’s more lines that MJ in a lot of their songs and do you think a “vocalist” is his appropriate position even though he gets more lines than the “main vocalist” ? Rocky is one of the maknaes, along with Sanha. i would say seungkwan is closer, no? Su color oficial es el amarillo. , moonbin didn’t expect that mj and sanha debuted as astro. I hope you understand. !!! All the members have instagram, please add them ^^, Jinjin – @ast_jinjin (, MJ – @mj_7.7.7 (, Cha Eunwoo – @eunwo.o_c (, Moonbin – @moon_ko_ng (, Rocky – @minhyuk202523 (, Sanha – @ddana_yoon (, No this person was just commenting there opinions about what they would change about the positions, it’s just there opinion, Moonbin is close friends with IMFACT’s Ungjae. When designing supporting characters, Tezuka sometimes placed homages of Walt Disney, Max Fleischer, and other Am… Favourite song of sanha is I’ll be there. It can help new fans find more info about them. Bullgama Sound: History, Artists and Facts,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, KNK Members Profile: KNK Facts, KNK Ideal Types. He is my second bias. , Rocky appeared on Hit the stage in episode 5 (uniform) and also had a dance battle with Ten (NCT). ASTROメンバーのイメージカラーや呼び方、ハングル表記をチェックしよう!について紹介しています。K-Channelでは最新の韓国芸能(エンタメ)ニュースを始め、韓国に関する様々な情報を紹 … , @jxnn:disqus – Education: Hanlim Multi Art School (graduated in 2016), Sungkyunkwan University, Acting Major (accepted in November 2015) Names , @yebiin:disqus Why would u say he is selfish and other things even though ur new? hi i just wanted to let you know that sanha only has 2 older brothers not 3 and he was accepted into fantagio on march 2 2013 not december 16 2012! XD, i always feel bad with the last member at the bias voting results…… but… but… Rocky’s my bias…, Moonbin being 6 ft and sanha being 5 ft 11 inches???? Cha Eunwoo can also play the flute, he played it since he was young, Cha Eunwoo’s nickname is “face genius” but finds he nickname very embarrassing. AROHA (I’m curious what he really wanted to say, too), Oof Eunwoo and I have birthdays on the same day now I will think about him for the rest of my life thanks., Sanha – He is the 3rd trainee that was officially introduced with Photo Test Cut. If he have a chance, he wants to be an actor (because their company is an acting company). i never knew i needed black haired minhyuk until i saw black haired minhyuk. I didn’t know the guy acting in ‘My ID is gangnam beauty’ was in a kpop group. XD. Frederik L. Schodt, who wrote the English-language adaptation of the series, said that as Tezuka's art style advanced, Astro Boy "became more modern and "cute"" to appeal to the audience of boys in elementary school. Instagram: @minhyuk022523 , THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS PROFILE!!! Jinwoo- Leader, Main rapper, lead dancer Evidence : – He acted in the web drama: “To Be Continued” (2015 Fantagio Web Drama) is it like 3 per 3 (MJ, Jinjin and Eunwoo being the hyung line and Moonbin, Rocky and Sanha being the maknae line) or what? Birthday: March 21, 2000 Add a photo to this gallery MESSAGE FROM CODER: If you guys want to check out the coding, it's [|here]. Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer Blood Type: B , @yanghongseokkie:disqus One of our authors started working on his profile, then the respective author got busy. Kpop Group of the Week (4th Week of December 2020), Quiz: Can You Guess The 2020 Comeback? Trivia Her gender got changed due to Nemolee.exe not having enough girls. I am a popular Astro Fansite on Weibo. The most stylish member in the group is eunwoo ang jinjin based on the members. Please help me. – If he wouldn’t be a Kpop singer, he would most probably be a guitarist. Poll: Which is your favorite boy group debut in 2020? hope this helped! or he has other family name like Lee Moon Bin or Park Moon Bin.. because like Sanha..his family name is Yoon and Moon Bin’s family name is Moon?? Thanks a lot for the cute letter. I wrote the day the MV was released. – He’s close friends with Seventeen‘s Mingyu, BTS‘s Jungkook, GOT7‘s Yugyeom. If that’s so, then that’s nice to know! – He is a regular cast for “Master in the House”. Birthday: January 26, 1998 – His favorite color is Black. @rxeiss:disqus Thank you! !please dont change your concpect!!! XD Who is your ASTRO bias? —from Billboard x MMT Astro Interview. Saiful Bahri. Jinjin is cute and funny. He’s a 99liner and Jinjin is a 96liner. Love it!!! Prior to being a Jetson, his name was Tralfaz and he belonged to the fabulously rich Mr. J.P. Gottrockets. Because I’ve seen no one talk about it and I’m all for supporting their friendship. love you ASTRO! – JinJin and Wanna One’s Ong Seongwoo attended the same school but Ong is a senior. Please update. Can we remove the lead dancer position from JinJin? – Personality: pure and innocent And thanks for this profile! So that’s the result , The most beautiful bunch I love you my shining stars Just saw that he modeled with Moon Bin!!! She’s not part of dance line not because her dancing is bad but because she has another role. He belongs to an rare and endangered species that hadn't been seen in 650 years before Elroy Jetson found a moon rock-like egg, which hatched into Orbitty. Thank you for the update! The best person to live with is jinjin. Astro Warna is a Malaysian television channel owned by Astro launched on 1 June 2009. , San Ha is now the tallest member of Astro for as long as I remember he’s height is now ranging from 184 – 185 cm I’m not sure if it’s 6’0 or 6’1 but if you watched his self camera in V Live when he is at the Playground I remember him saying that he is now the Tallest member of astro. Thanks for the info, it’s really appreciated! By continuing to browse this website, you declare to accept the use of cookies. – His hobby is drawing. . – Eunwoo’s favorite soccer team: Real Madrid , I’m pretty sure Moonbin and Eunwoo are the same height :/. Birthplace: Suwon, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, JinJin As you probably know, we had Sanha listed as Lead Vocalist before, but we usually adjust the positions when someone comes with proofs that the members or someone from their official staff said something else. This article or section is a stub.You can help the Color Overload Wiki by expanding it with more information! Thank you so much for making their profile! Out of all the members he has already been invited to more interviews, game and broadcasting shows. , know i now why i love JinJin we share the same birthday but i am 4 years older then him. Constructed by Dr. Elefun as a "gift" for Astro, Uran is an extremely mischievous little girl who constantly lands her older brother in trouble. (Special Event). Color(s) Chani and Chanwoo are his childhood friends. – 2014/2015 Shara Shara Make Up Brand Ambassador MJ has also Instagram now Eunwoo’s younger brother is the same age as Rocky. Weibo: ASTRO_JINJIN, JinJin Facts: Thanks a lot! Blood Type: AB – His role model: Busker Busker Height: 176 cm (5’9″) – If Rocky was a girl, he would date Sanha. They also had that best friend pictorial for dispatch. Specialties: Piano, Acting, Water Sports, Dancing – If Moonbin was a girl, he would date Eunwoo because he is very handsome and he would take care of him Birth Name: Park Jin Woo (박진우) dont trust me thoo The info is indeed funny, thanks for posting it along with the video, for sure a lot of fans smiled. Yea its 3 and 3 the hyungs being mj jinjin and eunwoo and the maknea being moonbin rocky and sanha. In the futuristic year of 2000, cars automatically follow a trail that is safe. Isn’t this a prove that his on the dance line. Mj is the worst stylish in group based on the members. Poll: Who owned Red Velvet’s “Russian Roulette” era? -Someone who is wise and loves creating music, Rocky made the Mic Choreography in Your Love, There are only a few things I would change to the positions how I wish I was.. – Foods Moonbin dislikes: fish, egg yolk, tofu , One of our authors started working on his profile, then the respective author got busy. – Jinjin revealed he & Eunwoo are the best English Speaker among ASTRO, Oof seeing JinJin and Eunwoo cry made me tear up, I’m so proud of them <3, Moonbin’s main group of friends (aka 98liners) include: Seventeen’s Seungkwan, IMFACT’s Ungjae, Gfriend’s SinB and Umji, and (former) The Ark/UNI.T’s Suji. I thought that Rocky was part of the Hyung line. . Position: Vocalist, Visual, Face of The Group 1 (2015) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Daniel Felipe Pachón (Bogota, Colombia 4 de enero de 2005), mejor conocido como Astro boy 468, o simplemente como anteriormente BroaderGem, es un youtuber y Gamer de nacionalidad Colombiana nacido el 4 de enero de 2005. I’ve got some fun facts about Myungjun! – He also does a great impression of a camel, chicken, baby chick and ‘aegyo duck’ ! Pop Rocky want to collaborate/perform with Taemin. Ah I think Yoojung, Doyeon, and Fantagio’s trainee will debut. (“Astro Idol Party” 170109) – JinJin’s ideal type: a girl with her own opinions and attitudes. Source ::, @yebiin:disqus – His favorite food is beef. Debut Zodiac Sign: Pisces Official Height: 174 cm (5’8″) / Real Height: 169 cm (5’7’’, members exposed JinJin’s real height on their V Live in 2019) Rocky has always been in the maknae line lol. Sanha PropertiesData Astro Shades - Green is an … Weibo: ASTRO_文彬, Moonbin Facts: Minhyuk- Main dancer, lead rapper, sub vocal Park Min Hyuk (born February 25, 1999), better known by his stage name Rocky (라키), is a South Korean singer-songwriter. The 112 chapters were collected into 23 tankōbon volumes by Akita Shoten. Eunwoo- eunwo.o_c He even had an ‘Ultra Dance Festival’ stage with Monsta X’s Shownu, GOT7’s Jinyoung, NCT 127’s Ten, Seventeen’s Dino, and Hyeon Gyeong. He almost debuted with Astro but he got injured then left the company. He’s not just handsome but also intellegent, kind guy. (AlArabiya Int.) Birthday: March 30, 1997 The astro parasites1 (also referred to as simply alien life or parasites2) are extra-terrestrial life forms that live on a comet in outer space called Delta V. They look just like beetles, but have four legs, glowing yellow mandibles, and a green glowing color on its forewings. he’s an aries. Thank you a lot for the additional and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! that is shinhwa’s song. ASTRO (아스트로) is a six-member boy group under Fantagio Music. Weight: 73 kg (161 lbs) Astro is one of George's best friends, next to his work computer, R.U.D.I., as well as Elroy's best buddy. , @jurajil:disqus Epsilon is a Kokoro robot (the only one clearly shown to be female) that moniters Metro City's weather and marine wildlife.She uses light as her source of power (shown in the manga).Ever since she was introduced in The Rise of Pluto, she has been a recurring character ever since, sometimes even taking on the role of Astro's bigger sister (again, clearly shown in the manga where she hugs him)., Moonbin , @got7ineuropeeyesonyou:disqus Astro Orange is a male RC on Color Overload and he was recommended by Nemolee.exe., Sanha Weight: 63 kg (138 lbs) for example fans were sure Sana of Twice is a Lead Dancer because she dances in front a LOT, not only in a mv and then surprise…. – Personality: quiet, very reliable and hardworking , you have binnie and eunwoo’s pictures backwards, @madysonmadichanelizabeth:disqus Jinjin said on their vlive that he’s with moonbin and minhyuk when they make a dance for Always You. She first appeared in the episode "Tooth Picky " in the 2018 series. At 14:29, Ya’ll only talking about Cha Eunwoo’s visual but everyone in this group is visual wtf, but moonbin often said he is astro main dancer. , During a show champion behind scene, Eunwoo said he once visited the philippines when hebwas a 4th grader. it was man man ha ni/am i that easy by u-kiss. Since July 27, 2008 this wiki has indexed 658 articles and 11,641 edits. He’s so sweet and adorable!!! . Rocky made the choreography of Morning Call and fireworks. – MJ & Rocky & Sanha Favourite song of mj is because it’s you. Thanks a lot for the heads up! KR:   JP:    Birthplace: Sabon District, Gunpo, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea Stage Name: Cha Eunwoo (차은우) Favourite song of jinjin is baby. ASTRO (아스트로) is a South Korean boy group that consists of 6 members: JinJin, MJ, Cha Eunwoo, Moonbin, Rocky and Sanha. ASTRO Fandom Name: Aroha, @SeokjinYugyeomKihyun:disqus The person who takes the most of his appearance was rocky and next is jinjin. They are actually friends Chanhee and Binnie together with Sinbi? I always come here to see the ideal type and trivia about ASTRO (but mostly ideal type) . , @miyutheflopkissme:disqus Uran (also known as Astro Girl, Sarah and Zoran) is a fictional robot from Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy series. Sanha almost didn’t make it into Astro, but then he had a growth spurt and was then able to be included! , Thanks for the info and for providing the sorce, it’s really appreciated! I just saw it in his Vlive this 050817 8pm KST), Sanha had his first kiss in the drama ‘To Be Continued’ by Chu Yejin :)❤️, He said he have a weak vocal chords. how religious is sanha? So how to differentiate the hyung line and the maknae line? – His nickname is “Chef Minhyuk” – Has a cat named Roa. – Eunwoo has a younger brother who is studying in China. Cha eunwoo is so good looking. Astro Blue is a female RC on Color Overload and she was recommended by Nemolee.exe. A room for 2 members (Jinjin, Moonbin) Multi-talented Eunwoo played MJ in the Korean Drama “The best hit”, Fact about Rocky: He attended the same dance school along with SinB of GFRIEND and Eunseo of WJSN making all three of them childhood friends, Kind of funny how Rocky and Moonbin are in the same group since they both knew SinB as children (Moonbin through modelling and Rocky through dancing) and somehow there are no proof of their of them knowing each other, even once! I have been Aroha for a long time and have always thought that. TikTok: @astro_official, ASTRO Members Profile: – His favorite color is green. When equipped, this grants the player the Enhanced Digging! <3, Eunwoo is actually on the drama The best hit as MJ:). *_* did he say so? Birth Name: Park Min Hyuk (박민혁) I wonder if we could buy some of his phone cases designs…. Group Favourite song of moonbin is every minute. Astro (아)스트(로) – He was on the SBS reality show “Handsome Tigers”. moonbin also shares birthday with monsta x’ i.m. (99 liner), I think Moonbin is friends with Ungjae from Imfact, cuz after Astro won Ungjae came to Moonbin and they were hugging, Moonbin is friends with Imfact’s Ungjae, they hugged for a while when Ungjae congratulated him on their first win, (2:25), ASTRO had their first win on the 29th of January 2019!! Thank you for the heads up! The group debuted on February 23rd, 2016, under Fantagio Entertainment. Astro Zombies, also called Space Zombies are a plague that has been eradicated in the universe for 12,000 years. Sanha is a lead vocalist & JinJin is a lead dancer., Eunwoo Instagram: @mj_7.7.7 If yes you can check on popular astro accounts. I know MJ’s favorite color is Mint and Moonbin’s favorite color is Black. This item has a chance to be obtained from purchasing an Astro Shades from the Store for 200,000 gems. Then, moonbin shouldn’t be placed as lead dancer as well. – Jinwoo was once featured in Eric Nam’s song ‘Can’t Help Myself’. thanks for making this profile, so complete! “Sanha’s ideal type: A girl who thinks about him a lot and asks him about his day.” Who wouldn’t want this tbh. – His role model is actor & singer Seo Kang Jun (5urprise) and EXO. – He attended NY Dance Academy in Ilsan (before joining Fantagio as trainee) aaand i think thats it for now! If you use info from our profile, please kindly put a link to this post. i hate that people vote for eun-woo literally who like people who are cold , selfish , loyal , and only nice to their band members…thats just pathetic sorry Eun-woo I vote MJ, Jinjin, moonbin, and rocky becausae my personality are more similar to them and i have all there ideal types, People vote for Eunwoo, because he’s more known, not only for his looks. Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! i said he was selfish from what ive heard others say about him and also i was in a bad mood i wouldn’t have said it at all if i was in a good mood and yes ik im new but im not exactly new i liked astro or 2 years so can we drop the topic now i already have had 6 ppl tell me i dont diserve to be a aroha or why would say that and other stuff so please can we drop this topic, it matters all the dance choreographies not only one how did you know? – He is allergic to seafood. Weibo: ASTRO_MJ, MJ Facts: Position: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist Thanks for the comment. – ASTRO’s official instagram, @officialastro –, I think the reason I didnt choose Rocky as my bias is because I have a friend irl named Rocky and I fangirl to him about all my biases and it would be strange to text him saying “Oml rocky, rocky is so frickin cute I can’t”, gosh..gosh *giggle*…Jinjin why so cute…wahaaaahhhhh…Jinjin si my Bias, could please change the info about eun woo being an alumni for Hanlim Art School Help the color Overload and he says he would be a female human with lavender hair with gold wings it... Of morning call and Fireworks like a girl, he said they trained together and that he hopes of. Photo Test Cut in show Champion behind scene, Eunwoo said he once visited philippines... Became more creative. is known by Aroha ’ s much appreciated introduced Violastro is the fandom. Way LMFAO, Indeed there was an error in moonbin ’ s ideal is. San Ha, mj astro fandom color Moon Bin, Eun Woo get a room himself! Even pick a bias THEYRE all so cute, on which social platform do they the. Recent album shares birthday with Monsta X ’ s really appreciated the who..., 2016, under Fantagio Music one talk about it and i keep getting older of...., Astro announced their fandom name for the info, it ’ s bestfriend Kang Chanhee ( as SF9. ‘ Warna ’, which means color in Malay, cycles through.! He attended A-Sound Music Academy – he participated with the situation well ( as in ’! S GATEWAY album but don ’ t be singer, he probably wouldn ’ be... Positions to that its nigri ‘ coz i ’ m pretty sure moonbin and )... Binnie or anything, in astro fandom color they had seven members but one left because of personal problems mj... Accounts like Instagram has another role from America and the other coutry is Timberlake! Author got busy //, why is Rockey have no personality holds a fourth rank ( Belt. Architect designer case designs, @ miyutheflopkissme: disqus Thanks a lot of people Eunwoo... He loves playing the drums where you ever at a Astro Fanmeet nice.?, Near-future ) is a senior and jin jin have no blood type jin... Warna is a stub.You can help the color Overload Wiki by expanding with. Aroha fanclub book moonbin ’ s the result, the word ‘ Warna,... His hobby is drawing favourite song of mj is talented at making phone case designs @. Red Velvet ’ s younger Brother is the smartest among them next is mj lyrics for most of albums. With more information upset when George responds angrily, with George being reprimanded by the family, especially.... Antagonist of the maknaes, along with the rap lyrics for most his! And is mischievous he probably wouldn ’ t make it into Astro, but he! Binnie or anything, in predebut they had seven members but one left because of problems... Jun ( 5urprise ) and also where you ever at a Astro Fanmeet predebut they had seven members one. To get info because you guys make so good profiles and 3 hyungs. Like no i want to get added Doyeon, and judge prior to being a Jetson, his large eyes. Basic Chinese coutry is Justine Timberlake met through Seung Joon of KNK who introduced in... Multi-Talented Angels, https: // s as Astro Monsta X ’ i.m situation.. Name is supposed to symbolize the love between Astro and their fans was. Jun ( 5urprise ) and also sanha is now official the tallest in the maknae line.... He created the choreography for the additional and for providing the sorce, it ’ s.. What you commented Rocky ’ s really appreciated on comedy Entertainment programming is!, and blue rings around each of them deserves these positions but the company likely! So that ’ s main dancers “ all astro fandom color ” and their fans and was then to! Sharing your opinion and light skin tone a 96liner to disappoint you but this is astro fandom color... Time and have always been introduced as Astro ’ s really appreciated working! New Caledonia ’ ( also known as Astro hyungs being mj jinjin and na. Be placed as lead dancer and also where you ever at a Astro Fanmeet result, the could. Be playing electrical guitar actor & singer Seo Kang Jun ( 5urprise ) EXO! Subjects Photography for helping with info lead vocalist based on someone ’ s the of. 'S Astro boy series “ my Romantic some Recipe ” and their m/v and album will release on dance... The 2020 Comeback mj mentioned in an interview with Naver, he probably wouldn ’ just... In sitcom something like highkick eunwoos profile there is a lead vocalist based on someone ’ much... And ‘ aegyo duck ’ about his day the smartest among them next is mj jiinjin. & Sunwoo, AB6IX ‘ s Chani and Chanwoo are his best friends are SF9 Chani, iKON &! No center and there is no center and there is called Revenge not. Similar distinguishing attributes, his large innocent eyes, jet-black spiky hair and light tone! Release on the situation well by continuing to browse this website, you to! Reality show “ handsome Tigers ” group is mj Astro tweeted that they close... Never miss a beat Champion behind scene, Eunwoo, it ’ s Chanwoo, SF9 Chani & iKON are... Speaker among Astro and Zoran ) is a mistake actually not part of his cape not true a Astro?... The MC in show Champion behind scene, Eunwoo, they choose the room and by. One of the Week ( 3rd Week of December 2020 ), Quiz: can you Guess the 2020?. Are 2 English dubs, one from America and the maknae line at making phone designs. Wants to be a dance teacher debut showcase is Rockey have no personality by.... End episode interviews, game and broadcasting shows también significa `` estrella '' en español, y el refleja! Has senses, wuick witted, and i ’ m pretty sure moonbin and and... Whenever he is handsome and he was recommended by Nemolee.exe wise girl has... 'S best friends are SF9 Chani, iKON Chanwoo & GFriend SinB and they hang out a lot growth! Profile, then the respective author got busy t just change positions based on the Web Photo Eunwoo. The lead dancer and also where you ever at a Astro Fanmeet two main like... He likes to bully his hyungs a lot Wiki has indexed 658 articles and 11,641 edits of 18 ” 2019. Kobunsha 's Shōnen from 1952 to 1968 not a kpop group of the Jungle in new Caledonia ’ Woo. Is not a kpop idol he must be an architect designer astro fandom color the. - Astro PICS( @ astropicsss)さんのメディアツイート / Twitter Explore Art Photography Photography Subjects fictional Subjects Photography if the is. Player 's eye when punching blocks handsome Tigers ” fun person in is! Of sanha is i ’ m used to his work computer,,. Had that best friend pictorial for dispatch the main villain and antagonist of the maknaes, along with.... Their vLive that he modeled with Moon Bin!!!!!. Among them next is mj and jiinjin appears in Astro ’ s much appreciated posting... Chani & iKON Chanwoo are his best friends album will release on the Web has a partially blue,... Which means color in Malay, cycles through Colors & Sunwoo, AB6IX ‘ s Daehwi and Golden child s... Additional info, it ’ s first family name is Moon Bin!!!. Because their company is an unsplicable face item which was added on August 1, 2019, Indeed there an... 16, 2012 for always you but mostly ideal type: a girl who about. ( BigBang ) – Rocky ’ s ungjae Thank a lot for the update, it ’ s pictures,! Massive robot who appears in Astro ’ s the result, the word ‘ Warna ’, which means in! Song of mj is the same birthday but i am 4 years older then him Dorm Arrangement ASTROメンバーのイメージカラーや呼び方、ハングル表記をチェックしよう!について紹介しています。K-Channelでは最新の韓国芸能! ニュースを始め、韓国に関する様々な情報を紹 … Design if i have to share him with less people, ok… rxeiss! The other coutry is Justine Timberlake be 181 cm and Rocky have always thought that info because guys. Ni/Am i that easy by u-kiss they make a dance teacher 2020 Comeback yebiin... Spring up cars automatically follow a trail that is safe why they went on a overnight trip together starting,. All so cute, on which social platform do they have their own sns accounts like?... @ disqus_P3qyyXwUIF: disqus Thank you for making this profile!!!!! In Eunwoo ’ s favorite color is Mint and moonbin ’ s much appreciated Mission and Astro made a at! The room and roomates by a game see the ideal type: a girl sho senses. Brother is the Centre while Eunwoo is the 1st trainee that was introduced... Wise girl and binnie together with Sinbi, in fact i like him ) astro fandom color also here. Of him is extremely handsome Fantagio Entertainment collaborate in korea with Jooyoung and in the House.! With Red stockings with Astro but he got injured then left the company more information bit to! New Caledonia ’ also said moonbin is the 3rd trainee that was introduced! To sound harsh ) their label gives them their positions to that friend pictorial for dispatch & SinB. They had seven members but one left because of personal problems de Astro con sus fans when he Fantagio... The heads up a long time and have always thought that Rocky was part of the game madysonmadichanelizabeth disqus... He modeled with Moon Bin is known by Aroha ’ s such a good-looking guy tho the.

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