do muscles grow on rest days

It works, it’s been proven by thousands, and it’s totally free. I highly recommend MyProtein for all your supplement needs. Unfortunately, if you never give your abs a chance to rest, you’re never going to see any noticeable gains! OF SETS + BEST TRAINING FREQUENCY = THE BEST AND FASTEST MUSCLE GAINS POSSIBLE, I get asked all the time, “Mark, what should I do on rest days?”, This question tells me 1 thing – you don’t know what a rest day is. share. Originally Answered: Does muscle only grow on rest days? Stop thinking you need to be “doing something” on rest days. Targeted Hypertrophy Training (THT) cycles. If you don’t rest enough, you don’t grow enough. 1 week | 3 x 90 minute workouts | "hyper-intense" techniques = big & fast leg gains. Thank you for signing up. //

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