panther martin pro guide anywhere 6 pack, I kid you not $11 for a beer is totally normal in Iceland! Fish & Chips at a campsite right next to Geysir ISK 1400. Iceland is a small country with a short harvest season, and as a result, it relies a lot on imported products. Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with some of Iceland’s food costs, plug these figures into your budget and pack your bags. If your accommodation gives access to a kitchen, you can cut costs a lot. Labour is expensive. These are all more affordable options in the city center. Iceland is not a cheap country when it comes to food but there certainly are ways to keep the costs down. Compare the Cost of Living in Reykjavik with any other city in the world. My one friend was saying “oh its cheap if you buy everything at the grocery store” and my other friend as like “a dozen eggs are $10 when they are normally $2 in the US!” This article puts that debate to rest! A standard twin room at Reykjavik Downtown HI Hostel would cost around 20.500 ISK (Euro 144,88 / USD 163) on 1st July 2019 and just 18.501 ISK (Euro 130.75 / USD 147) on 1st October 2019 – so it is still a little cheaper to stay in Spring or Autumn! A small private apartment for 2 people or a 2-person room is the best way to go. There really hasn’t been a better time to visit Iceland in the past decade than right now. Based in Connecticut, I share practical tips so you can afford to travel more, pay off debt and build wealth. But how much are things in Iceland? How did you enjoy your 2.5 weeks? © Copyright 2020 The Thought Card | All Rights Reserved, City Stories: The Four City East Coast Road Trip Guide, Jenny Life: Life Insurance Coverage Cost Savings & Benefits, Things to Know About Iceland Grocery Stores, How To Save For Your Dream Wedding With A Wedding Savings Account, Get Compensated For Flight Delays and Cancellations in Europe With Click2Refund, 3 Ways To Experience Niagara Falls Up Close, Introducing The Thought Card Membership For Financially Savvy Travelers, Beer or wine (at bar): 1,160 ISK ($11 USD), Croissant and cheese: 600 ISK or $5.63 USD. Iceland is not a cheap country when it comes to food but there certainly are ways to keep the costs down. For more on how much a trip to Iceland costs – check out my detailed Iceland budget breakdown here. The prices you might pay for a private apartment with beds for at least two people in Downtown, Reykjavík for 1 July 2019 are the following: ISK: 11.187 – 41.036 per nightEUR: 79 – 290 per nightUSD: 88 – 324 per night. The prices were checked out for the 1 July 2019. Foot-long sub from Subway in Egilsstaðir ISK 1250. If breakfast is included in your accommodation, then go for it! People from Norway say Icelandic fuel prices are lower than they are used to be, although it’s true that most other countries have cheaper petrol. On 1st July 2019 a twin room would cost: ISK: 11.610 – 12.900EUR: 82.05 – 91.17USD: 92 – 102. Jeans is good for exploring Reykjavík but you will be uncomfortable if it gets wet. As you can see the prices vary quite a lot. Due to the isolation and harsh winters of an island nation, the national cuisine in Iceland ranges fro… She refuses to let her financial responsibilities hold her back from living life on her terms. Born in England but fell in love with Iceland in 2010 and moved here, been here since. Just came back from Iceland, and we checked out … And for even more helpful resources to plan your trip to Iceland, grab a copy of my Iceland travel guide: Iceland: Nature, Nurture & Adventure!eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'thoughtcard_com-box-3','ezslot_6',103,'0','0'])); This daily food and drink budget is perfect for mid-range or budget-conscious travelers. As you may have guessed (from probably doing research already), food is generally expensive in Iceland. Get top travel stories & special offers to your inbox, 1.700 – 3.000 ISK (Euro 12.01 – 21.20 / USD 13.50 – 23.82), 1.200 – 2.900 ISK (Euro 9.87 – 23.86 / USD 12.25 – 29.61), 8.000 – 16.000 ISK (Euro 56.54 – 113.08 / USD 63.51 – 127.02), 1.490 – 1.890 ISK (Euro 10.53 – 13.38 / USD 11.83 – 15.03), 1.000 – 1.290 ISK (Euro 7.07 – 9.12 / USD 7.94 – 10.24), 900 – 1.400 ISK (Euro 7.40 – 11.52 / USD 9.19 – 14.29), 350 – 600 ISK (Euro 2.88 – 4.94 / USD 3.57 – 6.13), 418 – 649 ISK (Euro 2.96 – 4.59 / USD 3.33 – 5.16), Eurovision Movie: 5 Iceland References You Might Have Missed, Iceland Ranks First on Children’s Rights Index, foodies with meals that cost around 1000 ISK / less than 10$. Main Course - 15 - 25 pounds in a reasonable restaurant , Cheaper fast food is available such as Subway , KFC and Hot Dogs We just came from Iceland in May and it was so painful on our budget. You want to determine your menu prices while implementing cost-controlling measures for added profitability.It’s vital to determine appropriate prices for your food because this is where your profits come from. Standard insurance coverage is included, with extra options being available for an additional fee. Another site which is very useful for researching hostels is, particularly when you want to arrange stays at various locations around Iceland. your Subway prices seem out of date. Quite a few have guest kitchens, and cooking for yourself is another great way to keep costs lower. In 2018, the prices were slightly higher: ISK 15.550 ISK – 53.000 / EUR 125 – 426. Ready to book your trip to Iceland? List of prices in Reykjavik (Iceland) for food, housing, transportation, going out, and more on Dec 2020. The initial cost of the dinner can be broken down into two areas. I have just returned from a week in Iceland and food is expensive. If you can't find it please check your spam folder. Combining your accommodation and transport gives you freedom and flexibility. Airbnb prices have also reduced compared to the last year when the accommodation began at ISK 12.152 / EUR 100 / USD 124. Loft offers soups and light refreshments, Kex serves tasty pub style meals and snacks. ISK: 6.650 – 13.583EUR: 47 – 96USD: 53 – 107. Bag of Doritos chips (small): 350 ISK or $3.28 USDeval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'thoughtcard_com-box-4','ezslot_1',108,'0','0'])); Sprite/Fanta/Coca Cola: 395 ISK or $3.71 USD, Bag of Doritos chips (big): 790 ISK or $7.41 USD, Bottle of Wine: 1,199-1,799 ISK or $11.29-$16.94 USD, Bacardi Original: 2,712 ISK or $25.66 USD, Somersby Cider at Reykjavik Loft HI Hostel: 932 ISK or $8.82 USD, Beer at Kex Hostel Reykjavik: 1,100 ISK or $10.33 USD. There are many ways to budget and make sure you get a good value for your hard-earned bucks! Iceland Food Costs: How Much Does Food Cost In Iceland? Shopping tips can help a lot – Bónus stores offer the best value, there are a few in the city and, also, in various country towns. The Smyril Line Ferry Company can ship your car from Denmark to Seyðisfjörður, a charming port on a magnificent fjord in East Iceland. When traveling to a new country many like to make an estimated budget and for a country like Iceland, it is recommended. Searching for the 1st October 2019 found some cheaper hotel and guesthouse rooms located less than 3 km from the city center. Iceland is an expensive country, that’s a fact BUT there are budget friendly ways to go about visiting. Normal-strength alcohol is only sold at Vínbúðin stores. Once the best-kept secret in Reykjavik, Noodle Station is now regarded as one of the top… Although in areas where the demand is very high and only a few accommodation options, prices can be pushed up. You will also find village shops are a little more expensive than city stores, such as Kjörbúðin and Samkaup, which you will find in the countryside. We were just talking about this debating the cost of food in Iceland! It will come as no surprise that food in Iceland is expensive, especially if you eat in a restaurant. Rye bread (and butter) Icelandic rye bread, or rúgbrauð, is a staple for Icelandic cuisine. 500 ml of beer will set you back between 900 and 1.500 ISK with prices of 1.000 to 1.200 ISK being typical. In fast food restaurants Subway, sandwiches 4,3 - 7,8 USD = 550 - 1000 ISK This is largely due to the numerous newly-built hotels that offer accommodation in the luxury range. We are here to help! I would say approx about 50% more than say London prices. I’ve never spent more than 4 days in Iceland because it is so expensive. 10 years ago. During our 11-day trip around Iceland, we spent less than $8 a day per person on food. Smirnoff: 1,490 ISK or $14.00 USDeval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'thoughtcard_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_9',112,'0','0'])); Fresh salad and sweet naan stuffed with Coconut and raisins at Gandhi Indian Restaurant: 1,100 ISK or $10.33 USD, Green curry dish at Krua Thai: 2,150 ISK or $20.19 USD, Fish and chips (catch of the day) at Icelandic Fish and Chips: 2,200 ISK or $21.27 USD, Fish and chips (catch of the day) at Icelandic Fish and Chips: 2,480 ISK or $23.36 USD, Cup of coffee at Seljalandsfoss Shop: 450 ISK or $4.22 USD, Pie and coffee at Kaffi Emil: 1,200 ISK or $11.27 USD, Soup at Black Beach Restaurant in Vik: 1,572 ISK or $14.84 USD. She paid off $63,000 of student loan debt in 4 years, bought a house at 27 and has traveled to 27 countries. We are going to Iceland for holiday in 2 days time for a month. 3. She paid off $63,000 of student loan debt in 4 years, bought a house at 27 and has traveled to 27 countries. COVID-19 | … If breakfast is included in your accommodation, then go for it! When you add in labor costs, you might be up to $14.50. Save. Likewise, you can often find lower prices out in the countryside. Not quite in the center of Akureyri, it has great views of the mountains and is particularly good value. A higher price gets you a larger room, and if you pay more, you can even have a private bathroom. You go to Iceland for the beautiful landscapes and thrilling experiences, save your money for accommodations and activities rather than food. So, if you are staying out of town you can cut your accommodation budget by around 30-50%! Filling up the tank of a small petrol car usually costs around 8000 ISK. The beef filet costs you $6 per portion. Hot dogs, fish, soup, yogurt, tomatoes and orange soda. Your email address will not be published. Have a great trip to one of my favorite places on Earth! One of the things that shocks foreign visitors to Iceland is the price of alcohol: It is expensive to drink in Iceland!

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