what does the wrench light mean on a ford mustang

( V6 though) it would go into limp home mode and run like crap. Wrench light came on again. The Mustang owner manual and GT350 supplement did not refer to what this indicator was. I added fuel additive at the gas pumps. Helpful 1 Leave your answer . Haven't stalled at a light lately, but idle rpms still do sometimes dip momentarily to 500 for no apparent reason. same thing happened to the 06 to us,at less than 35k. I drove it 100 miles tonight to my dealer. Hi there - the "wrench light, which allegedly indicates a variety of problems with the drivetrain, is a huge source of frustration on the part of Ford owners such as yourself.It is not well understood, or trained for, by many Ford techs themselves. Mabel D. April 10, 2020 424 Views 1 Answer Richard M. answered on April 10, 2020 a wrench light often means its throttle body related. Car ran fine and there were no odd sounds (just the typical chatty transmission sound). The light went away once I parked and restarted the car. I made it home (a real Christmas Miracle) and brought it to my Ford … Take a look below to learn more about the flashing red car […] There is a Ford technical service bulletin (#252290) which addresses this topic exclusively. Now I'm curious. The instrument cluster located on your Ford’s dashboard is equipped with warning lamps and indicators that allow you to easily monitor your vehicle’s condition and control settings. it was the TPS around 80.00. the new one was better made too with a metal clip inside that rides the butterfly shaft instead of just plastic. You could try disconnecting the battery for a few minutes then reconnecting. If you love Ford Mustangs and just about anything related to them, you can probably find something interesting here on a daily basis. a common cause is the throttle position sensor. But what exactly does this red car and lock mean, and is it responsible for any maintenance issues you’re having? Well my wrench light has been on the last couple days, each time you shut it off and restarted it the light would go out. Several days later, my check engine light came on. My 2017 GT350 gives me a "wrench" light with the message "See manual". Hi all, Maybe there is a thread for this already, but I haven't found it. It is a failsafe warning light and usually when it comes on there is a problem with the "fly by wire" throttle. Two mechanics (one Ford, the other independent) looked at car. … Upon starting your vehicle, you may see some of these indicators light up as a routine check to verify functionality. The wrench light will not be caused by leaving the gas cap loose. Does the flashing red light of a car and lock on your dashboard scare you? I almost died on Christmas Day because my 2011 Mustang with 52K miles decided to go into "limp home" mode (wrench light came on) b/c the KNOWN problem with Ford's Electronic Throttle Body. 2 screws to take it off, check out the inside. I hope my 2019 Mustang GT and I are welcome here! The light was off tonight, and it barely made it. When the light … We all deserve justice for what Ford refuses to admit is a safety issue. I tightened the gas cap and the check engine light went off. I can't find any wrench symbols in the manual. same thing, turn it off, start it back up, ok for a short while. I could smell the burnt transmission fluid when I got out of the car at the dealer. What does the wrench light mean on a ford mustang? It’s actually there to help you. It was shaped like a wrench. It shouldn’t! The throttle body issue is a safety issue and no one should have to die before Ford does something. The car does not move forward with brake off and clutch pedal depressed while in 1st gear so presumably the clutch disengages adequately. This car has several problems and Ford has refused to admit and address. Today, an indicator/warning light popped up in the center display. Orange wrench light on. Please report your problems to NHTSA. The wrench light is NOT the check engine light! 76.4k. I personally know 2 other people that's had this problem. My wrench light (powertrain fault) comes on frequently the last few weeks and the car is less responsive (several times accelerator disengaged and car stalls)but returns to normal after restarting the car. It clears after the car is shutdown and leaves no code.

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